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 Matty Conrad and the Birth of Gentlemen’s Barbering

Matty Conrad is the epitome of classic Men’s haircuts not only in Canada, but now in the entire of North American continent and his fame is growing the world over. He has established a name for himself after taking a leap of faith and changing from a hair stylist to classic barber.

matty-conradFrom a bunch of lopsided home haircuts family, to a cutting-edge professional barber, Matty Conrad has braved the odds that faced him in his first 18 years of life, to become an icon and a model in the barber industry. He has, through sheer hard work, self-belief and determination changed the perception the world has of barbers. He is now living his dream, just because he dared to break the glass ceiling to do what he was meant to do, rather than moving with the tide. It has now been more than eight years since he ditched the general hair styling and took to giving gentlemen those classic haircuts. Conrad was born in a rather dull family. He says that his family scored only a 3 on the style scale. As a child, they could get lopsided home haircuts. There was nothing interesting or motivating. 

When Conrad was 18 years old, he got a job as a bus boy in a restaurant. At night, a group of well-dressed and stylish people would visit the restaurant he was working in and drink while having fun. These people were all hairdressers. Conrad cultivated in himself a desire to be like those people, and so he told his father that he wanted to go to hair school, much to his (the father) surprise. Conrad never relented on his desire and so he went to the hair school. After hair school, he joined the bandwagon of other hairdressers and simply copied what they were doing. He achieved great success with this since he was creative and good with his words, but never got the satisfaction he was irking. He tried working with different companies to get as much free training as he could to improve on his style but still felt a void in him that needed to be filled. 10 years later, he had opened two salons and had a large staff but according to him, had not yet achieved what he was really looking for.

Things began to change after his grandfather’s death. During his funeral, Conrad’s dad read his grandfather’s high school yearbook quote that got Conrad thinking. This quote was “I will never let anyone be more of a gentleman than I.” Matty realized that he though he was good at styling hair, he loathed some aspects like blow-drying and color. He realized that his passion was with barbering and not hair styling. He eventually switched careers and opened his first barber shop, Victory Barber & Brand in 2010. He has for the last eight years transformed the perception of barbers in his country Canada and the world at large. Conrad has established his own style and model of barbering making him an internet sensation, and a pioneer for “New Market Barbering" in the world. He is now a popular figure in North America and the world often being called to give expert advice for a lot of trade and mainstream magazines. In 2017, Conrad established the Victory Barber & Brand Products. These products consist of styling men’s product that have been very popular in Men’s grooming circles. He continues to grow big revolutionizing the barbering industry as he finally lives his dream.

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